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AWESOME is all about sharing our passion for chocolate with you. AWESOME creates delicious chocolate with phenomenal combinations of flavours, and we travel the world so that we can introduce a delicious treat to your busy schedule. Our quality chocolate is made for people just like you, who are not afraid of a surprising twist. With ingredients such as real Belgian chocolate and American maple syrup, we will give you an experience of pure joy. An AWESOME moment just to yourself or to share with others.


Awesome chocolate
Awesome chocolate
Awesome chocolate
Awesome chocolate
Awesome chocolate
Awesome chocolate


UTZ, which means "good" in Mayan language, is a sustainable farming programme and label for sustainable products. It is the largest sustainable cocoa programme in the world. UTZ-certified cocoa is produced in 18 countries and sold in 128 countries, including the UK.

Nowadays 15% of all the cocoa worldwide is UTZ certified. All UTZ-certified cocoa produced since 2009 would together make 24 billion chocolate bars.

Like UTZ, AWESOME supports fair trade with extra care for people and the environment. This way, we all make a small contribution to a better world. Your chocolate will always taste that much better when you know everyone benefits.

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